Our Services

Casual Drop-in Writing and Editing Assistance (During open hours)
Drop-in Writing Time
Local Writers Group (Third Monday of the month)
Homeschool Classes (TBA; call for interest)*
Arts & Craft Classes as announced*
Quarterly Salon Readings

Other Services such as professional editing, book design, book trailer creation, coaching and publishing services are also available for reasonable fees.

Day Use Amenities:

· High-speed WiFi Internet 
· Ink Jet Printing/Copies (priced/page) and FAX
· The Coffee and Tea are always on!
· Quiet and Social Areas
· Basic Consultation
· Use of the Writer’s Resource Library
· Handy Snacks and Beverages (for sale)
· Local Author Bookstore
· and more

*How-to, Craft Courses, etc. Require registration fees.
**Includes use of High-speed WiFi, Printing (priced per page), Free Coffee and Tea, Basic Consultation, use of our Writer’s Resource Library and more.