Our Past Sessions

Here are some of our confirmed offerings for fall 2016 [some date changes were made due to storm cancellations]:

What Publishing Path is Right for You?

DATE CHANGE: Saturday, November 19, 4-6 p.m., $10, Instructor: Gregory E. Zschomler

Includes a brief look at the changing world of the publishing industry and informed speculation on the future of publishing, bookselling and the bookstore, as well as information on how and when to indie publish. And how to publish on your own for free (or little cost) through Createspace.

This seminar combines two of Greg's acclaimed courses and is offered at deep introductory discount. Greg is the author/publisher of a dozen books.

Everybody Has a Story: Introduction to Memoir Workshop 

TWO PARTS Saturdays, October 22 and November 5, 3-6 p.m., $60, Instructor: Ruth Zschomler, MFA

Six hours of useful teaching and training that will get you writing and writing better. This is a workshop, so come prepared to write!

This popular workshop was first offered through the Fort Vancouver Regional Library system at the Ridgefield, Wash. branch. Ruth has written widely for newspapers, journals, the web, and magazines.

NaNoWriMo Write-ins: Weekdays, all month in November, times to be announced.

Writing the Mountain Man

DATE CHANGE: Saturday, January 21, 2017, time TBA, $32, Instructor: author Andy R. Bunch

This class will address urban and wilderness survival skills (such as foraging, fire building, finding shelter, hiding (camo) and getting found, weapons, and lots more); handy stuff to know when on the lamb, hiding from zombies or living in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world.

In the footsteps of Hemingway, Conan Doyle and London, Andy is an adventure writer. He has traveled extensively along the West Coast, built a church in Mexico, sung for his supper in Canada, and taught Archery in Alaska. He’s trained in CPR/First Aid, Shao Lin Kung Fu, Kajakenbo, and Vin Tsun martial arts. He’s skydived, rafted class 4 rapids, drank moonshine with felons, dined with royalty, spent a week in the woods with only a knife, flint, black-plastic and some TP, and studied British history in Great Britain. He is the coauthor of the nonfiction book On Becoming a Man and several works of fiction.

Poetry Workshop 

Sat., December 3, 1-3 p.m. Cost is $32, Taught by: Laura Schaeffer, MFA

Laura Schaeffer, a graduate of UW and Goddard, is a lyric poet, who’s also experimented with prose-poetry and hybrid narrative. She’s interested in blurred lines, the obscurity or largeness of emotion which is without boundary, but her roots are based in form and the music she hears is what comes to the page. She’s studied international poets and particularly those poets who encountered severe trauma and she finds herself returning to the experience of exile, whether an internal or external state of loss. Her themes of fragmentation found upon the edges of marginal communities have further influenced her work in an attempt to find a container for the questions, and grief, we all hold. The attempt is an effort to express the essence of the unsayable within the story of a poem or at least, the observation of what is here now and how it can alter or impact us.

And Coming in 2017:

The Art and Science of Storyselling: with Gideon F. For-Mukai

Yes, story-selling; not a type-o. He'll address the science behind how stories affect brain chemistry, how they move us and so much more. Gideon will move you and motivate you and inspire you. You'll learn how to connect and communicate with your readers.

Gideon is an internationally recognized, award-winning speaker, best-selling author and the founder of Story Warrior. His teaching will revolutionize the way you tell a story and the way you pitch it.  His presentations are fun and informative. For more information click here.

Come Sail Away: 

Do you want to write authentic tales of seafaring? Want to know what it's really like? Taste the mist? Hear the shanties? Tie off the rigging? Hoist a sail? See the cannon fire and feel the concussion? In this first-hand research discovery experience you'll do that and more on a historically accurate tall ship sailing from the seaport in Grays Harbor. A once in a lifetime experience you won't want to miss whether you write about it or not.

Plus Topics Like: Toward Better Public Readings and Presentations, Marketing 101, Working the Table, Taking the Indie Plunge, Editing 101, Designing Your Book--from typesetting to cover, Writing Humor 101, Story Structure, Crafting a Villain You Love to Hate, Taking it on the Chin and Developing a Tough Skin, Research: Writing What You Don't Know, Character or Plot Driven?, Creating Suspense, Writing for Children, Ask Away: An Indie Author Panel, How to Write for and Sell to Magazines, Journalism Bootcamp, Selling Yourself and Your Books, Writing a Screenplay, The Play's the Thing: Playwriting Success, Of Editors an Agents and Publishers, Christian Fiction: What Makes it So?, Why YA?, Writing Right or More than One Way to Skin the Cat, Plotting vs. Outlining, Writing Short Stories, Brighten and Tighten, Making a Career Out of Writing, The Business of Writing, Building Your Platform, Working Your Writer's Website, Blogging 101,  Ghostwriting 101, Toward Better Dialogue, Grammar 101, The Writing Group--giving and getting the most, Share Your Message Without Preaching, Inspiration and Motivation, The Query Letter, Negotiating a Contract, Writers and Illustrators: A Symbiotic Relationship, How to Use Spreadsheets for Tracking Your Story and Work, The Healthy Writer, Telling the Truth with a Lie (Fiction is not False).