Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Coming Late Summer 2017: Harbor BOOKS & Gifts

I keep thinking I'm crazy and I hope it works. The plan is to open a bookstore in the Twin Harbor area.

There really isn't a bookstore on the harbor, though a few places carry books, and a lot of people keep lamenting the fact. So, we're hoping to fill a niche.

Our first 300+ books came in earlier this week and we brought in another 100 yesterday, but we're going to need a lot more. We've also begun to slowly remodel now that we have a plan (right).

It's going to take us most of the summer to ramp up to an opening as there is much to do. We're HOPING for a soft opening by August sometime and no later than Sept. 5.

We're planning to carry and feature:

Select, bestselling, popular fiction; new books and gently used; books by local authors; and a good lineup of Christian books as well as art books and art supplies and gifts (for readers, writers and visitors).



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