Monday, January 9, 2017

Dear Fellow Local Writers/Authors,

Here are a few things we have coming up at Harbor House just for you.


Wouldn’t it be great if we all got to know one another? Wouldn’t it be grand to have each other’s backs? What if we got together once in a while? What if we shared our minds and hearts? We could learn from and encourage one another and probably grow as writers. Maybe we’d get more done? We could discuss craft, whine about the industry (lol) and, through cooperation, maybe even sell more books, too.


We have this cozy place to meet and share, and we want to help make all that happen. We’re not proposing a critique group—who needs more of that? We’re talking about a support and fellowship network that will meet once monthly (the third Monday of each month) from 6 to 8 p.m. [This is a proposed meeting time, but we can adjust to make it as user-friendly as possible.]

Our first meeting will be 6-8 p.m., Monday, January 16 at Harbor House, 510 W. First St. in Aberdeen. Please join us and bring a copy of each of your books (or other writings) so that we can become familiar with you and your work. There will be light refreshments. We’ll spend time fellowshipping and talk about ways we can support one another and more.

Winter Quarter SALON READING:

Once a quarter at Harbor House we have a salon reading event where we invite the public to hear readings from local authors and poets. This is a chance to share your work (new or old; published or pending) with the public. The idea is to help you sell more books, add to the culture of our community, practice your presentation skills, learn about other’s work, and get some much-needed applause.

Our next salon is 7-8:30 p.m., THIS Saturday, January 14 at Harbor House. Each reader will have six or twelve minutes to share (depending on the number of people who sign up). You are welcome to invite family and friends (ten years of age and up) and light refreshments will be served. [The following salon will be April 15.] Please sign up to read and help us make this a community cultural event.

Twin Harbors BOOK FAIR:

Not having a bookstore in town, sucks. Wouldn’t it be nice to connect more with hometown readers? This is another opportunity to do just that. We’re in the process of developing a local bi-annual book fair where all of us can come together to celebrate with and sell our books to readers who’d like to meet us. [We’re also knocking around co-op and other sales avenue ideas.] 

Signings can be disappointing because they often have an expensive tabling fee, low traffic, and poor advertisement. You don’t sell enough books to make it worth your while. We want to make this different and we need your ideas and feedback to make it a very special event.

We’re looking at Saturday, April 15 (like 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) for the spring event (and October for a fall event). If you’d be interested in participating please let us know right away (this is one of the things we’ll talk about at the Writers’ Fellowship).


We also have classes, seminars and workshops twice monthly at Harbor House. Some you may be interested in attending, so please check out the postings below and follow us on Facebook.

We’re also looking for authors, poets and writers—like YOU—interested in teaching. It’s a great way to hone your presentational skills and earn a little money. Pitch us with your idea.

If you support these ideas please come and, if support them but can’t come, let us know that too and why? Thanks, we’re here for you.

Greg and Ruth Zschomler, Harbor House


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