Thursday, September 8, 2016

We're Too Legit to Quit Now

Wow! Are we blessed! Yesterday our incorporation papers came through (legally we are now Harbor House Writers, LLC) and today we got our city business licence. Yay, we're all legit! Then today...

Ours are blue and gray.
We went to a surplus sale at the college and picked up two dozen stacking chairs for twenty-four bucks! Great shape and they retail new for $25 each.

Considering we were set to buy the cheapest folding chairs on the market for $10 each, we got a steal of a deal (at a dollar apiece)!

We also picked up our podium for five bucks, a hurkin' whiteboard, a big bulletin board, another bookcase and several other smaller useful items (and all the chairs we needed) for $200 less than our original chair budget.

Thus, we were able to buy our printer (which we didn't think we would be able to do quite yet).

I'd say that things are coming together quite nicely and that the Lord is looking out for us. In closing, I say thank-you to the great friends who supported us with start-up funding. We've really been able to stretch your gifts while being frugal and good stewards.

We still need a computer to serve as a server, a smart TV and signage.

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