Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thirty Days in Da Coolah!

I know that dates me, but I remember the TV show Hogan's Heros. The line comes from Col. Klink and it basically meant you get a month in solitary.

Well, I'm writing at midnight so that kind of strange headline and lead are what you get.

Truth be told, what I mean to say is: 

Today marks the thirty day countdown to our Sept. 24 opening! Yeah! Yikes! It also marks the last two days of our capital crowd-sourcing campaign on IndieGoGo. Thus far we've raised but 10% of our goal (thus compromises and corner-cutting will be made, barring a miracle).

At any rate, we are going ahead with plans and will open on schedule as the song says, "if the good Lord's willin' an the creek don't rise. " All are welcome to our open house. So come on out. Put on your waders if you have to.

BTW: We were in the Daily World. Here's the link.

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