Monday, August 29, 2016

Our Final IndieGoGo Campaign Fundraising Report

So, here, finally, is the report you've all been waiting for:

Our goal was $4,300. We raised $1,000; just 23% of our goal. We were backed by 13 contributors. 

Our IndieGoGo campaign page was visited by 350 persons over 21 days. 

Roughly 60% of those visits came on Aug. 13 the day after I was on KXRO radio (and after those backers visited our website).

IndieGoGo Funds Breakdown

Funds raised to date: $1,000.00 [PayPal ($670.00); Credit Card ($330.00)]
Indiegogo fees deducted: -$50.00
Payment processing fees: -$12.00
PayPal fees estimated: 3-5%
Total takeaway: $938.00 (minus PayPal fees)

How We'll Use the Funds Raised

Promotional                                $235.00
Incorporation/Business License $200.00
Brochure Printing                       $150.00
Beverage and Snack Bar           $150.00
Folding Chairs (10)                    $100.00
Gala Event                                 $100.00
                                      TOTAL $935.00

Awaiting Funding*

Wireless Network Printer ($200)
40" LED Flatscreen Monitor for Training Video/Powerpoint ($300)
20 more folding chairs ($200)
Signage ($300)
Lectern ($150)
6 Folding Tables ($360)
Additional Library Resources

*in order of priority. We would love to receive these as in-kind donations.

Notes: Part of the funding request ($1,540 value) was for paint, some library resources, insurance, and furnishings. These have been paid for out of pocket.

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